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Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) has awarded more than $65,000 toward supporting the Arlington Public Schools since the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.

Through its close connection with administrators, teachers, and staff, AEF is excited for its continued partnership with the town's public schools.

Here are the latest education initiatives and training opportunities being incorporated across the district throughout this school year.

Continuing-scholar awards

Five continuing-scholar awards have been given to teachers and staff to support personal and professional enrichment experiences that, in turn, benefit students:

  • Five teachers from across the district attended the National Council of Social Studies Conference, where they gained knowledge in teaching civil discourse, embracing hard history, and fostering global citizens, among other topics.
  • Two teachers from Hardy and Thompson will attend the Teaching Behaved Brains Conference early this year, focusing on the brain science behind disruptive behaviors, executive deficits, emotional dysregulation, and learning disorders. They will learn about improving emotional self-regulation, executive skills, classroom management and discipline for disruptive behavior.
  • An ELL teacher at Peirce will earn a Certificate for Teaching Bilingual Students with Disabilities, gaining knowledge for new instructional strategies, and better supporting ELL students in special education and social-emotional learning.
  • An Ottoson School counselor will attend the Massachusetts School Counselor Association Annual Conference, gaining knowledge about student mental health, and expanding the school counselor program.
  • The Visual Arts teacher at Gibbs will attend an Art and Music Study Tour in Cuba, allowing for creation of a teaching unit on Cuban art, artists, and art history for all 6th grade classes.

Three development and expansion grants will support school-based or district-wide development of new educational strategies that target demonstrated needs, and have the potential to serve as models for the rest of the district:

  • The program "Understanding Our Differences," addressing disability awareness, will be brought to all elementary schools, teaching students to respect, accept, and appreciate people of all abilities, including those with blindness, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and autism.
  • A Ball Python Bioactive Enclosure is coming to AHS. This will enhance science education and student connection, allowing them to observe and interact with a complete snake ecosystem.
  • Digital Learning and Robotics is a hands-on learning tool for all students in grades 3-5, using mini robots. Students will be engaged in fun, creative, and meaningful learning through the use of robotics. 

Seven innovations in education grants support innovative and creative teaching and learning projects in classrooms throughout the district:

  • Mathematics Games Library at Stratton: New math games will be added to the library, allowing students to access them during school and eventually borrow them to bring home.
  • Project Kind at Gibbs: A student-led project time to foster kindness and inclusivity, with the goal of empowering students to become active leaders in their school. The initial project will encourage students to decorate frequented spaces, like bathrooms, with uplifting and positive messages.
  • 3-D Structures in Social Studies at Stratton: After taking a virtual field trip to Washington, D.C., students will build a model of a symbol or national monument based on what they learned.
  • National Academy of Science Trip at AHS: Two students were invited to the annual Transportation Research Board Conference and Competition to present the CADD project they designed for safer street environments in Arlington.
  • AHS Performance for Elementary Students: K-3 students across the district will be invited to watch and participate in a theater production at AHS.
  • Nature Lab at Brackett: A nature lab/animal artifacts will be added to the art room, fostering a greater art and science connection.
  • Art and Culture Collaboration: Skateboards at Peirce: 5th graders will learn about street art, skateboarding, skate culture, and famous street artist Keith Haring, as well as create art on skateboard decks.

The Arlington Education Foundation is committed to enhancing teaching and learning in all of Arlington’s public schools.  Through charitable donations and business sponsorships, the foundation grants over $100,000 annually.  To learn more or apply for a grant, visit

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This news announcement was published Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023, based on information from Siobhan Hanley of AEF. YourArlington volunteer Kim Haase helped prepare it for publication.