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Little Fox Shop, a 10-year-old resale nonprofit that raises money to help the Fox Library, closed Aug. 10, a day after its two veteran managers were fired.

A note on its website says the the shop "is temporarily closed, while we seek a new manager. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and look forward to opening up soon. In the meantime, please hold on to your donations a little longer! For more information, please contact FoxLibraryFriends[@]"

YourArlington asked board members about this beginning Aug. 11 and after, but has received no responses.

On Aug. 19, a petition from "concerned volunteers and community members" was posted on Arlington Facebook groups. It spells out what the petitioners say is involved: The a board is trying to have more control over managers while asking them to be on duty for all shifts "to ensure proper handling of monies."

The firings have not been fully explained to managers and volunteers. The staff works with families who donate baby and children’s items and then resold to fund the library.

The petition directs questions to six Friends of the Fox Library board members, which oversees the nonprofit, including Chair Pam Di Bona. Among the questions:

-- Why were 10-year manager Susan Dorson, a shop founder, and six-year co-manager Stephanie Murphy fired when the shop is performing well?

-- Given the presumably limited salary or stipend that would be offered to a new manager, how could you ensure that you recruit a person of a similar caliber and competency?

-- How do you plan to replace volunteers who have taken years to recruit and train? How will you cover the potential loss of up to 100 volunteer hours per week?

-- How much does the temporary closing and possible change in staffing jeopardize the funding resources that the Friends of the Fox Library offers to the library?

-- If you are concerned about two managers not being able to handle the schedule, how would one manager be a better solution? Given your concerns about volunteers being responsible for money, what happens if that manager is sick or on vacation? Who would handle that scenario?

-- How do you plan to notify donors/customers about final decisions, such as when patrons can resume coming to the shop to donate/buy?

The petition asks the board to notify the community in writing, or via a public meeting, the answers to these questions listed.

Read the full petition here >>

Managers have been asked to comment.

This news summary was published Monday, Aug. 20, 2018.