Maureen Callahan SmithMaureen Callahan Smith

Medford author Maureen Callahan Smith plans to read from her memoir, Grace Street, from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 16, at the Roasted Granola Café, 1346 Mass. Ave., Arlington Heights.

Smith, a licensed social worker in a private practice specializing in trauma, writes about love and loss in telling the stories of sisters on a perilous journey that takes them to the edge of life.

In Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief & Gratitude, from Gray Dove Press of Arlington, Smith writes from the heart about accompanying her younger sister, Kathy, through a late-stage cancer diagnosis. From the shocking initial news through the ups and downs of her treatment program, family love and resilience help them face the terrible challenges and find joy in the precious moments of everyday life.

The two close sisters, “Irish twins,” and their family mobilize to face down Kathy’s illness together in a delicate dance of avoidance, pierced by moments of breathtaking honesty, sly humor and love.

This is also a story of two weddings, set against the beauty of western Ireland and the Berkshires. Although the story does not end the way they had hoped, they find that the gifts of family love, friendship and deeply rooted spiritual resources provide grounding and nourishment for all they are facing.

A selection from the book was singled out to win the Second Career Author award at the Cape Cod Writers Conference, and was read aloud to the conference’s plenary session. Another selection was chosen by one of the specialists at Dana Farber Cancer Center to be read and used for her palliative care teaching rounds.

To learn more, or to order a signed copy directly from the author, go to or

The memoir is available in paperback wherever you buy your books. A Kindle ebook of Grace Street will launch on June 7, and preorders are available on Amazon for 30 percent. 

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This news announcement was published Wednesday, June 1, 2022.