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A new children's book from the Arlington-based Pierce Press – Ocean's Alive! by Sheryl Davis – has caught the eye of Dr. Sylvia Earle, a renowned oceanographer.

"I'm thrilled,” wrote Charlotte Pierce, the publisher.

Known as “Her Deepness” in the ocean conservation community, Earle writes in the introduction: “This book can show you, your family and friends ways to learn about and help protect our seas. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something to safeguard the ocean, Earth’s blue heart.”

Davis's first book, The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly, won two awards in 2019 from Story Monsters' Purple Dragonfly Awards.Ocean's Alive! continues the McFly series.

Kilt-clad hero

Illustrated by Daniel Fiore and published collaboratively with the author by Pierce Press, Oceans Alive! uses rhyme and vivid artwork to take young readers on an educational adventure with the kilt-clad environmental hero Daniel and his friends, a news release from Pierce Press says.

“Kids are inspired to get involved or organize efforts in their community to clean up beaches, waterways, or parks to help keep our ocean free and clear! Fun activity pages and an interactive website extend the educational adventure,” Pierce wrote.

Earle wrote: “Thank you for the opportunity to provide a foreword to this delightful and beautifully illustrated children's book about the ocean. It is wonderful to have Mission Blue honored in this way.” Earle founded

About the author

Davis, the author, who raises chickens and a garden on a farmstead near Palestine, Texas, is pursuing a master's degree in sustainability. She hatched the idea of writing these books as a way to reach young, would-be environmentalists.

Having her own twin boys in 2013 fueled her drive to accomplish this goal, and when Davis completed her permaculture design certificate in 2015, she realized “it’s all about passing the torch. Learn, teach, repeat.”

In the news release, Davis said: “The aim of this book is to tackle the issues of ocean and waterway pollution. It provides hands-on solutions for kids and their families to get involved in the community.” 

Her intention is to fulfill “a mission to affect real-world environmental change through active participation, community involvement, and the empowerment of the next generation. It’s possible to make big waves with little water, but you have to keep adding the drops.”

Davis plans book-release events and readings at the 2022 Boston Book Festival, New England Independent Booksellers, New England Library Association.

Pierce Press also publishes Who's Hiding In This Book? by Arlington author Sheila Cordner. 

Order Ocean's Alive! at Two dollars from each direct order on the website goes to ocean conservation via for as long as the book is in print.

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