Cutter Gallery logoUPDATED Sept. 28: Since August, a series of works by artist Julian Landa has been featured at the Cutter Gallery, 611 Mass. Ave., in the lower level of the Jefferson Cutter House. The opening reception was held Aug. 6, and then there were viewing opportunities held throughout September.

The closing reception was held Saturday, Sept. 23, noon to 5 p.m.

Landa says his recent work takes inspiration from the pandemic and that this includes depictions of reimagined landscapes affected by Covid-19.

 In a written statement, Landa detailed his intentions behind these works:

“I believe that art should evoke strong emotions from the viewer. I layer my paintings and drawings in mysterious imagery, inviting the viewer to enter the realm of dreamlike surreality. Since surrealism in art is the practice of creating fantastic or incongruous imagery by means of unusual combinations, it is no surprise that disparate elements appearing together is the rule. The end result should make the work somehow accessible. I challenge the viewer to look at my paintings and come up with their own interpretations, based on their own perceptions of the world we live in.”

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This news announcement was published Thursday, July 13, 2023, based on information provided by Julian Landa on behalf of the Cutter Gallery. Brynn O'Connor, YourArlington's assistant to the editor, prepared it for publication. The copy was last updated Sept. 28.