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Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture has been transforming utility boxes throughout town into decorative art pieces as part of its 2023 Utility Box Initiative

According to the site, the center launched this project to add visual uniqueness to the boxes that "keep the town ticking," providing traffic light control cable connections electric transformers among other necessities. 

A recent newsletter announced the newest -- the recent completion of a box on Mass and Highland avenues by artist Melissa Chaney. The newsletter describes Chaney as "a cross-disciplinary artist living in Arlington who uses painting, sculpture, illustration and multi-media collage to explore ideas about the healing potential of art and nature."

This year, eight utility boxes are set to be decorated by various artists. 

Upon completion of all artistic projects, the commission plans to send details through its newsletter about each instillation and the artists involved.

Those interested in registering for the newsletter can find out more here >> 

This news announcement was published Friday, Aug. 18, 2023, and edited Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023, to denote the correct organization.