Jean Flanagan

UPDATED March 8: Arlington Poet Laureate Jean Flanagan continues to seek contributions to a planned publication called Anthology of Arlington, Massachusetts Poets. Submissions will be considered until May. The organizers say that they seek broad diversity in age, race, religion, gender, abilities and poetic style.

This project is sponsored, in part, by the Arlington Center for the Arts, a recent email said.

"We are soliciting poems from people who live or work in Arlington now or have spent a substantial amount of time living in Arlington," Flanagan said earlier this year. "We will prioritize poems that are about Arlington, although the poem doesn't have to mention the town or any site explicitly. Previously published poems are accepted, so long as they are approved by the original publisher and credit the publication."

Flanagan plans to read through and select the poems, along with four volunteers from the Beehive Poetry group

According to group member Andy Oram, at least one poem per person may be included in the anthology, depending on the total numbe of submissions received by the end of next month. Any given poet may submit up to three poems. Each poem must be 200 or fewer words in length. Submissions should be sent to jean.poetlaureatearlington at

Flanagan also asks each submitter to include a short biography explaining the time they have spent living in Arlington and listing any special qualifications such as published books or teaching experience. "But don’t let a lack of such qualifications hold you back from submitting," she emphasized.

More details about publication are to be made available later; Flanagan said she is currently checking into both in-print and online distribution options.

Submissions are open until May 1, with authors to be notified of the status of their submissions in November.

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This news announcement was published Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024, based on information from Jean Flanagan, poet laureate of Arlington. It was later updated Thursday, March 7, to include the information that Arlington Center for the Arts (ACA) is a sponsor of this project. It was updated most recently March 8, to include details about poem selection process.