Cutter Gallery logoThe closing exhibition of "Seeing Through the Eyes of Love' took place Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Cutter Gallery in the Jefferson Cutter House. It consisted of what a gallery news release called "vibrant works" by area artist Ruth Lieberherr.

The Cutter Gallery is accessible on the Lower Level Entrance, Jefferson Cutter House, 1 Whittemore Park aka 611 Mass. Ave. at Mass. Ave. and Route 60. The entrance is from the town parking lot just north of the park, on the ground floor.

 Lieberherr's works have been featured at many other galleries throughout Massachusetts, including cultural centers at Boston University and MIT.According to her artist statement, Lieberherr explores expression of color in her paintings.

Ruth Lieberherr, 'Seeing through the Eyes of Love,' ending soon.

"Remembered landscapes, people, feelings, find a new, dream-like reality in my work. It invites the viewers to explore and expand their own imagination," she wrote. "I usually begin my paintings without a premeditated concept. From the fluid feeling of paint on canvas or on paper, I go where the inspiration of the colors leads me," Lieberherr wrote in her statement contained in the news release.

The artist is a resident of Winchester, just north of Arlington. In addition to creating her artworks, she also works as a yoga and dance teacher, according to the gallery's website.

Those interested were able to learn more about the exhibition and the Cutter Gallery here >> 

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This news announcement was published Friday, Jan. 26, 2024, based on information provided by Charles Luca on behalf of the Cutter Gallery, and updated Saturday, Jan. 27, for time references.