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Arlington police have filed no charges but requested a medical evaluation filed with the state Registry of Motor Vehicles for a driver involved in a collision last week at Town Tavern in which a car hit barriers and damaged plants near outdoor diners.

No diner was hurt in the 6:40 p.m. incident at 201 Mass. Ave. on Thursday, Aug. 18, but one of those involved in the collision had low blood pressure, and the Arlington Fire Department Rescue transported that person for evaluation.

Five officers responded to the scene, where a black Chrysler Sebring operated by a 75-year-old Arlington woman was partly on the sidewalk in front of the Town Tavern restaurant. It had run over the curb, and the right front had crashed into barriers and plants in front of restaurant patrons outside.

Also hit was a gold Toyota Prius with Connecticut plates parked horizontally on Mass. Ave. It sustained damage to the front left bumper after the Chrysler bumped it and kept going.

Officers interviewed a witness, who said he was behind the Chrysler as it was stopped at a green light on Lake Street. He told police that after beeping at the vehicle, it began to roll forward at a slow speed. The witness said the Chrysler struck the parked Prius, in which a Waltham woman, 46, was in the driver's seat. It continued forward at about 3 mph, ending up on the curb, before damaging one of the barriers and decorative plants.

A witness said that the driver of the Chrysler was repeatedly told to put the car in park after striking objects on the sidewalk.

The operator of the Prius signed a waiver from the Arlington Fire Department refusing medical attention and was able to drive away after officers cleared the scene.

Comments on the Arlinton List Facebook group said a cyclist was involved, but the police report makes no mention of that.

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This news summary was published Monday, Aug. 22, 2022, based on information in a town police report provided by Capt. Richard Flynn and a reference to Facebook by Bob Sprague.