Michael SternStern

Arlington Investment Advisors has announced the launch of its financial planning and investment advisory business.

Led by Michael Stern, a former financial consultant with Merrill Lynch, Arlington Investment Advisors looks to assist Arlington residents and small-business owners with retirement, college savings and wealth-management needs.

Stern will also be teaching a new course through Arlington Community Education called "Navigating the Stock Market," which begins Jan. 31.

Operating from Workbar, Arlington's hip co-working space on Mass. Ave., Arlington Investment Advisors offers a free, no-obligation meeting to learn more about a prospective client's financial goals.

A 20-year resident of Arlington, Stern has two children in Arlington public schools, is a Precinct 14 Town Meeting member and a member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Stern believes Arlington residents will benefit from having a community member act as their trusted financial advisor.

"We think the time is ripe for an Arlington adviser who is really focused on the client," added Stern. "When you work with stock brokers and insurance advisors, you tend to find someone who is mostly interested in selling commissioned products. When you work with the big mutual fund companies, they tend to sell funds that under perform the market averages, and have high management fees.

Stern's "Navigating the Stock Market" course at Arlington Community Education is designed to empower individual investors to make educated and informed investment decisions: how to allocate assets, choose equity ETFs, pick new stocks, and manage a portfolio.

For more information about "Navigating the Stock Market," click here >>

This news summary was published Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019.