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Third Pole Therapeutics, a privately held Arlington company developing and delivering life-saving cardiopulmonary therapies, has announced that it has received U.S. patents covering its general and portable inhaled nitric oxide delivery systems.

Third Pole's therapeutic nitric oxide is delivered by an investigational device that generates nitric oxide from air and electricity on-demand and on-site, which could eliminate the need for large compressed gas cylinders, a news release says

The flexibility of the company's inhaled nitric oxide technology has the potential to expand the application beyond acute care by making it practical in more settings, while also expanding its use in previously underserved geographic markets that lack the infrastructure to transport, maintain, return and refill large cylinders of compressed gas.

'Disruptive delivery system'

David Zapol, Third Pole Therapeutics founder and CEO, said in the release: "Third Pole's innovative and disruptive delivery system produces pure iNO for therapeutic use from air using a simple, convenient, lightweight, and proprietary technology capable of bedside and portable use. Combined with our exclusive licenses from Massachusetts General Hospital, the two new U.S. patents provide Third Pole with unique systems and methods to make [nitric oxide] available in more settings."

Third Pole also holds exclusive licenses with Massachusetts General Hospital, where anesthesiologist Dr. Warren M. Zapol, who serves as Third Pole's scientific advisory board chairman, discovered breathable nitric oxide 25 years ago. Third Pole's exclusively licensed patent protection includes five patent families with 19 issued patents, and numerous foreign patent applications pending.

Patents were issued June 25 for "Systems and Methods for Ambulatory Generation of Nitric Oxide" and May 14 for "Systems and Methods for Generating Nitric Oxide." They are for patent protection through at least 2038.

Third Pole Therapeutics, at 5-11 Water St. (third floor) is developing transformative cardiopulmonary therapies capable of expanding access to life-saving treatments worldwide. Third Pole Therapeutics' leading candidate is pure nitric oxide, a selective pulmonary vasodilator that is FDA approved for the treatment of hypoxic respiratory failure of the newborn.

The delivery systems have the potential to provide clinicians with greater access to a life-saving treatment and may enable the worldwide use of nitric oxide outside of critical-care settings.

This announcement was published Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019.