GoInvo, a digital health-design consultancy headquartered in Arlington, has released "Understanding Coronavirus," the latest in a series of open-source research and visualizations related to public health.

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The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread respiratory illness from China to throughout the world. The visualization includes an overview of the coronavirus, a historical timeline and information on preventing and caring for patients, all of which are cited from reputable sources. Download "Understanding Coronavirus" as a .pdf poster here >> 

"We need more ways to see and understand what's happening with the global effort around the coronavirus," said Juhan Sonin, director of GoInvo, whose Mass. Ave. offices are across from the Robbins Library. "Everyday people need a simple, approachable way to lock onto the details. That's the reason for our current effort to create a graphical narrative: It's an easy-to-understand story."

Open-source team

The GoInvo design team has been updating "Understanding Coronavirus" as more information becomes available. The team is an open-source operation, which makes its offerings publicly available via Github

See the latest update on its booklet, on March 30, here >> 

Sonin says that GoInvo has a branch effort on what to do with “health at home” -- how to take care of yourself or a loved one with and without Covid-19. The draft site here >> The graphic comic looks like this >> 

GoInvo's open-source health-care design and research has been featured in such publications as Wired, NPR and the new book Health Design Thinking, by Dr. Bon Ku and Ellen Lupton (Cooper Hewitt / MIT Press). These include a ground-breaking, comprehensive visualization of the determinants of health, the nationally recognized Care Cards, open research on care plans and the Open Source Healthcare Journal, a magazine advocating innovative open-source solutions in health.

Sonin says GoInvo's human-centered design practice is dedicated to innovation in health care — to improve people's lives and enable us all to live a healthier future. Over the past 15 years, GoInvo has created digital health products and services for patients, clinicians, researchers and administrators — working with such organizations as AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, 3M and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To learn more, go to www.goinvo.com.

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This news summary was published Friday, April 3.