Under Covid-19, outside is better, and that is true for Zhen Ren Chuan (ZRC), a martial-arts business that is benefiting from a loosening of pandemic requirements.

Zhen Ren Chuan

The town Board of Health and the Park & Recreation Commission have allowed increased class sizes, as per state guidelines, on town property, and ZRC clients are putting that support to work.

Charles DeVirgilio, owner of Zhen Ren Chuan Martial Arts Center and Alton Street Boxing & Fitness, now has classes on town land at Broadway Plaza.

"We are grateful for the opportunity," said DeVirgilio, referring to allowing for-profit businesses to use public property/parks during the pandemic.

All social-distancing guidelines per state policy remain in effect, and some locations that have been permitted may be restricted in class size because of the available spacing.

The Park/Recreation Commission expects to review the policy at its Aug. 11 meeting, under the four-week review as per the approved policy.

This news announcement was published Friday, July 24, 2020.