Joseph S. Daly, Housing Authority candidateDaly

A 88-year-old Arlington resident, Joseph S. Daly hopes his long resume of town service will lead to votes as he seeks reelection to a second five-year term on the Arlington Housing Authority

The five-member authority board is a state agency that provides subsidized public housing to low- and moderate-income families and individuals under federal and state programs.

Daly faces a challenger, Jo Ann Preston, who has been endorsed by Arlington Fights Racism, a citizen group.

Here are Daly's responses to basic questions to all who take out papers. They have been edited:

In general, why are you seeking this seat?

I want to maintain my longstanding support and advocacy for my fellow housing residents and for those persons and families seeking public-housing opportunities in Arlington.

What specific qualifications do you have that support your candidacy?

I have been a lifelong resident of Arlington, past elected representative to the state Legislature, 30-year employee of the Cambridge Housing Authority, past Arlington veterans' representative, current member of the Arlington Housing Authority board and resident of Drake Village, an authority property.

During my many decades in Arlington, I have always advocated for those in need. I feel my past experiences and current membership on the board has prepared me to continue advocating for those in need, and I would respectfully ask the voters in Arlington to vote for me to continue on the board for the next term.

What are the key issues you see facing the Housing Authority?

The need for more funding to continue modernizing our properties.

More social-interaction opportunities for our residents.

Free medical checkup and clinics on-site at the developments.

More services for our senior citizens.

Faster admissions for new residents from the state housing list.

Identify additional housing opportunities within the Housing Authority footprint.

How would you address them?

Continued advocacy to the state and federal government for funding.

Open up to various social clubs, religious groups and other organizations to provide events on-site.

Work with the local medical professions to seek support and service on-site.

Work with the senior associations to include our residents in their programs.

Advocate the state housing office to make the application process faster.

Work with the Housing Authority board and staff to identify and seek proposals for increased housing opportunities.

What personal background can you provide?

The 1949 Arlington High School graduate has served one five-year term on the Housing Authority board. However, I worked for the Cambridge Housing Authority for 30 years and in the Cambridge mayor's office for a long time in charge of housing issues. My life and work history speaks for itself, I feel, so that is why I do not go around "bragging" about my experience in housing and also veterans' affairs.

This news summary was published Wednesday, March 18, 2020. All potential candidates in the April election have been asked a similar set of questions. All responses received are edited and published.