Friday, Sept. 15, has been proclaimed Hunger Action Day in Arlington, as unanimously approved by members of the Select Board at their Sept. 11 meeting.

Those familiar with food insecurity issues say that local need may be up nearly 40 percent since a year ago.

Susan Stewart, Arlington EATS Board of Directors co-chair, thanked the Select Board for its work to raise awareness of food insecurity in Arlington and for declaring this year's Hunger Action Day.

“Arlington is a generous community that donates time and money to Arlington EATS, which serves an average of 375 households each week -- a 39 percent increase in households served since last year,” she said. “We encourage residents to take action throughout the month of September –Hunger Action Month -- by donating food, funds or volunteering. Visit our website at  to learn more or stop by our booth at Town Day,” said Stewart. 

More fortunate encouraged to put money where others' mouths are

The Arlington EATS mission, as stated on its website, “is to engage the community in eliminating food insecurity and hunger in Arlington,” and specifies that “Arlington EATS envisions an engaged and active community in which everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food and understands the causes and effects of food insecurity.”

Board Chair Eric Helmuth read the town’s full Hunger Action Day proclamation, which includes statements such as: “Hunger and poverty are issues of grave concern in the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Arlington” and “Arlington encourages residents to support efforts to alleviate food insecurity by volunteering and donating money or food when they are able.”

The proclamation also encourages any resident in need of food to call Arlington EATS at 339-707-6761 or visit its website.

“If you know of a resident in need, please let them know that Arlington is a community that cares and help them make that first connection to the support they need,” Stewart said.

Board member Diane Mahon commended Arlington EATS, its staff and its volunteers for the programs they’ve set up and how well they do it. “It’s a very difficult job, and I do appreciate that.”

Helmuth added, “A community is only as strong as the extent to which it takes care of its people’s needs, and Arlington EATS does that splendidly.”

The proclamation, a PDF file that likely will automatically download to the user's device, is at


See ACMi video of Sept. 11 meeting:

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This news summary by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert was published Sept. 14, 2023, and updated later that day to add the link to the proclamation, which is a PDF file that automatically downloads to the reader's device.