UPDATED, Jan. 17: Sushi, sashimi, tempura and more! Although we can’t travel to Japan, we can still enjoy their exquisite cuisine.

Selectboard logo, May 20, 2019
Owner notes high Japanese-American population.

Maruichi Japanese Food and Deli, a Japanese grocery store, is now open at 1398 Mass. Ave., the former location of the Meat House. On Jan. 4, the Select Board unanimously approved the license, 4-0, with Joseph Curro Jr. absent, subject to the necessary paperwork.

“I’m excited to bring a Japanese grocery shop to Arlington, which has one of the highest local Japanese-American populations outside of Boston and Somerville. I hope this store is a boon to the Arlington community,” said owner Joshua Nakama, a Fuji Mart Corp. manager.

Move-in was expected Jan. 9, but that was delayed by a required plumbing inspection, Ali Carter, town economic-development director wrote Jan. 14.

“Apparently, they thought they were all set to open, but the plumbing inspector said they needed to get some pipes replaced. They had the work done, and it will get reinspected tomorrow [Jan. 15].

Once the inspection is complete, and the owner receives an occupancy certificate, he said he expects to announce an opening date.

A neighbor reported to the Arlington List Facebook group later on Jan. 15 that a sign on the stores says it plans to open on Sunday, Jan. 17, at 10 a.m. That did occur, as participants that day reported a line around the block.

Garballey reports

State Rep. Sean Garballey wrote on the Arlington List Facebook group Jan. 15 that the final inspection had been completed.

At the Jan. 4 meeting, board Chair John Hurd thanked Nakama for choosing Arlington.

“It will be great to have your establishment in the Heights, which could use your cuisine,” said board member Lenard Diggins.

Board member Diane Mahon added, “I’m confident you’ll be a great business owner.”

Fuji Mart, operating since 1991, has stores in Brookline and West Hartford, Conn.

Town finances update

In other business, the board unanimously approved the following financial transactions:

  • Advance funds in lieu of borrowing

Arlington is currently renovating in front Town Hall, to make it more accessible and safe, and the Public Works Facility.

The amount requested in advance of borrowing is $300,000 for each project, and will be repaid from the proceeds of the bond issue prior to the close of the current fiscal year as required, wrote Treasurer/collector of Taxes Phyllis Marshall in a memo to the Select Board.

  • Refunding Opportunity 

With current low interest rates for municipal bonds, refinancing the Aug. 15, 2010, bond issue may save more than $250,000 in debt service over the remaining life of the bonds, recommended Marshall. 

A bond issue is scheduled in February, so the possible refunding can be included at that time and the issuance cost minimized by combining these issues. “More analysis is required to determine whether this refunding is viable and cost effective,” wrote Marshall in a memo to the Select Board.

“We’ll look again in February to make sure we’ll save money. We need to save more than 3 percent of what bonds currently earn,” said Marshall.

See the ACMi video of the Jan. 4 meeting:

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This news summary, by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert, was published Friday, Jan. 15, 2021, and updated the same day, to change copy and headline as well as Jan. 17. Bob Sprague contributed to this report.