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UPDATED Dec. 2: “Arlington leads other local towns in child vaccination rates, and is in the top 90th percentile,” said Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine at the Nov. 29 Select Board meeting.

Chapdelaine offered “thanks and high compliments” to Christine Bongiorno, the Health and Human Services Department, schools' Superintendent Elizabeth Homan and her department, the fire and police departments, “who quickly put together these clinics.”

Board member Eric Helmuth said, “Arlington is the talk of the state right now on social media. Hats off to parents in making everyone safer. It’s a credit to our community that we’re able to come together so quickly to get a jump on this. Thanks to the team for their hard work.” 

Board member Diane Mahon said, “The Covid relief program on the town website is now open, and the many slots went quickly.”

Mahon asked Chapdelaine to inform the town once more slots open up.

Unlike recent meetings, the Nov. 29 session was brief. The board voted unanimously to approve the 21-precinct precinct map, recommended Nov. 22.

 See the entire Nov. 29 broadcast on ACMi:

Nov. 22, 2021: Board supports more-extensive reprecincting map

This news summary, by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert, was published Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, and updated Dec. 2, to add ACMi video link.