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Pact amounts to $233K, with no housing allowance

UPDATED Dec. 31: Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine’s new three-year contract, with an annual $233,000 salary, was unanimously approved by the Select Board at its Dec. 20 meeting.

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Chapdelaine’s new contract includes just the $233,000 base salary; it provides for no separate housing allowance, and longevity is rolled into the annual salary. However, the previous 5-percent deferred compensation is now 6-percent.

Under his current contact, Chapdelaine's salary is $214,383, and his housing allowance is $24,000.

Thanking the board, Chapdelaine said, “I appreciated our work together, especially these few past difficult years. Being a town manager is a tough job in good times, not to mention the tough times that we’ve all been through.

"Arlington is powered by amazing people that want to advance things. I’m excited to sign this contract and continue working with the board, and meeting all the challenges going forward.”

All board members express support

All five Select Board members praised Chapdelaine and the work he does for Arlington.

Chair Steve DeCourcey: “The town manager scored very high in his evaluation this year, and we wanted him to come back for another three years. We heard the town manager’s commitment to Arlington this summer, and are happy that he has agreed to be going forward with us. Adam brings many benefits to the community, and does a great job. There are great challenges ahead, such as the upcoming override, and he’s up to that task.” 

Eric Helmuth: “Thank you, Adam, for your commitment to this town, and how much you care about the people who both live and work here. Choosing a town manager is the most important role for this Select Board, and very few people can do this job as well as Adam. He’s remarkably accessible, open and honest. Arlington can count on our town manager who does what he says he will do, is honest and professional under criticism, both fair and unfair. He represents the town honorably, and we’re fortunate to have him.”

Len Diggins: “It’s a really hard job, and I appreciate all that Adam does. It’ll be a pleasure working with him over the next three years.”

Diane Mahon: “I continue to value how the town manager conducts himself. He’s always prepared, respectful and willing to have an active and responsive conversation when we’ve had different opinions.”

John Hurd: “I want to thank the town manager for our healthy conversations during the contract negotiation process. I’m thrilled to have Adam back; he’s a great asset to the town. It’s a privilege and honor that he decided to stay with Arlington and renew his contract. He brings reasonableness to every issue, and I value his availability to approach every issue with an open mind. Nobody can match Adam’s energy level.”

In demand 

Just one week ago, Chapdelaine, then negotiating his next contract with the Select Board, told YourArlington that he was "committed to Arlington" and had no plans to leave after he was asked about possible talks with Fall River. The discussion was characterized as an informal conversation.

Last June, Chapdelaine decided to remain as Arlington's town manager, turning down an offer in Natick -- the third time he has bypassed a position elsewhere since he got the top Arlington job in 2012. 

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Previous possible positions were in North Attleborough in 2019 and an unnamed Vermont town in 2016. The then-Board of Selectmen fought to keep him, providing a new contract with a $28,000 raise and contract through 2019. The Board of Selectmen agreed Feb. 10, 2016, to pay the manager $200,000 annually starting the next day.

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This news summary, by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert, was published Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021, and updated Dec. 31, to add ACMi video window.