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UPDATED July 21: Are you tired of seeing double poles lining the streets of Arlington? Good news . . . .

The number of double poles in Arlington decreased from 113 last Nov. 1 to 86 on April 30, according to Verizon’s most recent report. To view the report, click here >>

At the Monday, July 18, Select Board meeting, member Steve DeCourcey said, “Our desire is to see them reduced as quickly as possible.” 

“However, I question the list, because behind the summary is a detailed list of all the double-pole locations. Some have been a constant problem and safety hazard, so I’d like to see this work continue and with better communication.

For years, utilities have added a second pole to prop up existing, weakened ones. The issue has been before the Select Board at least since 1997.

“Verizon is in compliance, but we’re still waiting on, and need to ask, the other companies that use the poles to finish their work. Every six months Verizon files a report with the Department of Public Utilities, and I’d like to see whether they are on this,” added DeCourcey.

DeCourcey will follow up with Town Manager Sandy Pooler, who will then provide feedback to the town. 

“Double poles come up a lot when talking with residents. They are safety issues, and we’ve highlighted the specific poles that are the most egregious. We’re getting Verizon’s attention, but more efforts are needed to remove more double poles. Let’s keep them honest and giving us the right information,” said board member John Hurd.

YourArlington has inquired to learn the possible reasons for the reduction in numbers of double poles.

Bongiorno recognized

At the July 18 Select Board meeting, Town Manager Sandy Pooler made a special callout to Bongiorno for her work during the pandemic, making sure people in town were being fed.

"Arlington has been way ahead of other communities in its health work because of Christine. We’re very lucky to have her. She's full of information and dedicated to public health. This is a well-deserved honor," said Pooler.

Bongiorno was also honored in June with the 2022 Commonwealth Heroine Award from the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women.

More from this Select Board meeting will be reported.

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See the ACMi video of the July 18 Select Board meeting:


This news summary, by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert, was published Wednesday, July 20, 2022, and updated July 21, to add ACMi video window.

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