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The Select Board has approved a draft letter in support of the 2022-2029 Open Space and Recreation Plan to be submitted to the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The vote, at the July 18 meeting, was 4-0 (Diane Mahon absent). 

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Ann LeRoyer, Open Space Committee chair, said: “This is our fifth report, and we’ve always received great support from the Community Preservation Act Committee. We’ve benefited from their funding, and are also working with the Community Development and Planning Department . . . .

“I look forward to preparing a letter that we can submit. We’ve already received conditional approval on the draft plan from the state’s Division of Conservation Services. We still need to make a few more changes, and I’m happy to receive comments about specific issues and topics addressed in the document.”

Town Counsel Doug Heim said, “The Open Space Committee has done a lot of work on this plan. We’ve been operating under one such plan for five years, and this is essentially an update of these materials. This new plan builds off the success of previous plans, and also looks forward to the future.”

Board feedback

Board members concurred.

Board Chair Len Diggins called it “a very good, well-written plan. I like the action elements; they’re very well laid out and defined.”

Board member Eric Helmuth said: “It’s money well spent. The report is outstanding, and full of useful information that helps the community appreciate our open spaces. This is a required plan to receive continued grants, and provides a shared vision that we all have for the community.”

Board member John Hurd said, “Arlington devotes so much of its resources to maintaining and improving its open spaces, including parks and playing fields. The new Reservoir Beach is great. Arlington continues to impress with me with its open space and recreation.” 

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See the ACMi video of the July 18 Select Board meeting:

This news summary, by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert, was published Monday, July 25, 2022.

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