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'Choosing a town manager is the most crucial decision the Select Board makes.'
 -- Eric Helmuth

The Select Board is engaged in a lengthy search process for a town manager, who would begin the job in mid-2023, if all goes as planned.

Working with a hiring consultant, Paradigm Associates of Plymouth, the board is exploring the entire state to make sure the town gets the best candidate possible. (The town manager no longer needs to live in Arlington.) The board expects to name a new town manager next April; that person would serve a three-year term. 

“Choosing a town manager is the most crucial decision the Select Board makes, and the community rightly expects that we’ll take our time to do a really good job,” said board member Eric Helmuth at the Aug. 22 meeting. The board will listen to town residents and town employees in making this very important decision, he added.

Former Deputy Town Manager/Finance Director Sandy Pooler has served as town manager since June 18, and his contract continues until the end of July 2023.

Pooler was appointed town manager after former Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine stepped down June 17, under a mutual agreement between Pooler and the board. 

Town Manager Act

Because Chapdelaine vacated his position in the middle of his three-year term, the board is complying with the Town Manager Act’s provision that states:

“When a vacancy occurs in the office of Town Manager for any reason other than for expiration of their term, the Select Board shall appoint . . . not later than ninety days after such vacancy occurs, a Town Manager for the balance of the unexpired term. . . . if not so practicable, the Select Board shall so appoint a qualified officer of the town as acting manager for the balance of the unexpired term.”

Because 90 days is a short time frame for a comprehensive town-manager search, the board decided to give sufficient timelines to find a manager to fulfill a three-year term, explained Town Counsel Doug Heim. 

“Cognizant of the 90 days, the Select Board had to identify someone to serve as town manager, which we did with Sandy Pooler. With lots of municipal experience, Pooler can provide capable and quality leadership for this coming year, so the board has sufficient time to find a long-term manager using best practices,” said Heim.

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Select Board, town manager goals

The board unanimously agreed to table discussion of the 2022/2023 Select Board and town manager goals so as to give board members sufficient time to review the necessary information.

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June 21, 2022: Pooler takes manager's office, until July '23


 This news summary, by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert, was published Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022.

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