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Arlington has secured a new, two-year electricity-supply contract for November 2022 to November 2024, providing residents a fixed price throughout this time. Starting in November, residents can buy into this for aggregation, explained Town Manager Sandy Pooler at the Sept. 28 Select Board meeting.

In a memo to Pooler, Arlington’s Sustainability Manager Talia Fox writes that this contract includes a “default product containing 30 percent additional Class I renewable energy above the state requirement (an increase compared to the current contract’s default product, which contains 11 percent additional Class I renewable energy). The town will also contract with a new supplier, NextEra Energy Services.”

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Pooler: Town saves $5m

At the meeting, Pooler said, “There’ll be an increase in those rates. However, because we bought in the spring with locked-in rates, we are confident that those rates will continue to look as attractive as in the past. Arlington will save $5 million with this program.”

In a memo to the Select Board, Pooler wrote, “Eversource, which provides electricity to Arlington residents who are not in the Arlington Community Electricity (ACE) program, will announce its new winter rates in November. Although we do not know those rates yet . . . the ACE program has yielded savings for Arlington residents on their electric bill since its inception.”

The memo also states, “National Grid, the other major utility in Massachusetts, just announced that its rates would increase by 64 percent this winter. We will keep our eyes on those new Eversource rates and inform the board of them, and how they compare to the ACE rates when Eversource announces its rates.”

Pooler further explained that Arlington uses National Grid for gas, not electricity, and that their rate increase reflects energy markets around the globe, which have been much higher in recent months. “I’m aware that the market is a lot harder than when we bought last spring. People can change their level of greenness if they want, and we hope to have a cost-saving program for people going forward.” 

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This news summary by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert was published Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. 

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