Marie Krepelka is awarded the Paul Harris Award by Arlington’s Rotary Club, 2018. Photo – Ashley Maher Arlington’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director Jill Harvey updated the Select Board about her department’s community equity audit at its Oct. 24 meeting. To see the full report, click here >> 

In discussing the scope of recommendations, Harvey said, “I’m interested in looking at civic participation, workforce and housing, and how we can we work together with what we have in town. I want to learn the root causes, look at and determine how we got the results, how we can co-create solutions, and figure out the next steps.” 

Harvey also said the town had hired the firm Opportunity Consulting of Washington, D.C., in June, to help with this project. Its representative visited Arlington in August and submitted an interim report dated Oct. 7.

Recommendations expected by January

According to its website, Opportunity Consulting is a woman- and black- and Latina-owned business that works at the intersection of community, systems and research to co-create a more just and racially equitable world where every person has an opportunity to thrive. It works in partnership with mission-driven organizations, school systems, cities, public agencies, social impact organizations and foundations to help them align equity-focused intentions with actions for real-life impact.

Iris Bond-Gill, Opportunity Consulting CEO, says the organization offers a new, unique approach to consulting. Its work is based on data and research, but also on the voices that are most marginalized. “Our programs are designed to get the results we seek, and where changes can be targeted to be more equitable,” she said.

Yasamin Gordon, Opportunity Consulting project director, said they are a little more than halfway finished with the project. “We’re in the thick of the engagement, with focus groups being held in mid-November, and plan to provide the final report and recommendations in January 2023.” 

“We’re trying to gain the big picture of what’s happening in Arlington. We’re talking to residents randomly, to get their stake on what they’re experiencing in town. We’re also targeting groups that the data shows are most underrepresented. We’d like to get perspectives of the town’s youth and students as well, and they will be part of our focus groups. We’re starting to see what is shaping up in terms of findings, to see the main causes contributing to inequality,” added Gordon.

Gordon also explained that people are looking for immediate results, what can affect their daily lives and what is feasible/doable for Arlington. “Our recommendations will be a balance of what that is, and what the community is telling us their needs are,” she said. “We’ll also have recommendations based on national research on communities similar to Arlington.”

Board member Steve DeCourcey said, “In order for you to do your job, we’ll need to work with you and do our job. We want to continue that partnership, and participate in hitting milestones that you’ve outlined in your report.”

Board member John Hurd said, “The town has put DEI efforts to the forefront, and a lot of us have been looking forward to this equity audit.”

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