Double pole at Adams, Mass. Ave.Sign designs by Jeff Dawson Associates.

UPDATED May 30: The Select Board at its May 22 meeting unanimously accepted wayfinding signs to be installed along and near the Minuteman Bikeway, donated by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

In a May 18 memo to the Select Board, former Planning and Community Department Assistant Director Kelly Lynema wrote, “In 2021, Arlington, along with Lexington and Bedford, developed a Local Rapid Recovery Plan (LRRP) for Bedford Center, East Lexington and Arlington Heights. The LRRP was a grant-funded plan to support local businesses in light of the impact of Covid-19, and focused on recommendations to better connect these business districts with their common asset: the Minuteman Bikeway.”

From Alewife to Bedford Center

In 2022, Bedford, Lexington and Arlington were awarded a grant to implement this project. “The key purpose of the wayfinding project is to support the vitality of local businesses and encourage economic development within the three communities,” wrote Lynema.

This project will have a cohesive wayfinding system from the Alewife MBTA station to Bedford Center, said Lynema at the meeting.

The bikeway will have directional signs when users approach an intersection, and to redirect people back to Mass. Ave. Roadway signs will be installed for cars passing by, to let drivers know there’s a bikeway nearby, as well as pointers in the Russell Common parking lot to Arlington center businesses and the bikeway, said Lynema. 

“We’re also looking at a lot of cleanup of the old signs, to have consistent, cohesive signage,” added Lynema. Arlington’s Public Works department will help install the signs and with cleanup.

Board members' responses

Board Chair Eric Helmuth said it’s a terrific idea to let bike-path users know that businesses are nearby.

Board Vice Chair John Hurd said, “There’s definitely a need for it in Arlington, to help the businesses in town,” especially as the town transitions to the 2025 semiquincentennial celebration.

Board member Steve DeCourcey added, “It’ll be great to have the uniformity.”

YourArlington has asked Ricker when this effort is scheduled to start and asked Beth Locke, of the chamber, what the cost is.

On May 30, Ricker referred the question to Joan Roman, town public-information officer, who wrote: "We're hoping installations in the July/August time frame."

Locke wrote that she is waiting for a final quote.

Watch the May 22, 2023, meeting on ACMi:

Readthe documents for this agenda item >>


This news summary by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert was published Monday, May 29, 2023. It was updated May 30.

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