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The Arlington School Committee invites community members to a School Committee Chat about special education set for 11 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 10.

Participating is Bill Hayner, chair, community-relations subcommittee. No appointment is necessary; simply log in here >>

Guidelines for Virtual School Committee Chat 

1. School Committee Chat session will be for approximately 60 minutes.

2. There will be two School Committee members in attendance to listen to and discuss topics with members of the public.

3. A person when welcomed into the School Committee Chat will:

a. Have 5 minutes to interact with members

b. Identify whether they have children in the district, and if so, at what level(s)

c. Be made aware that other members of the public may be listening too

4. School Committee members are there to listen, and, if able, to direct individuals for specific help in resolving issues -- but do not speak for the committee or the school department. 

5. It is the hope of the entire committee that members of the public will use this vehicle to share with members things that are:

a. Going well in the system

b. Things that are of concern

c. Things that they would like to see continue

d. Things they would like to see change

e. Other

6. Any member of the public is welcome at any School Committee Chat. However, each Chat designates a specific subgroup with the goal of amplifying voices that may not always be heard. 

7. Members of the public attending the Chat are reminded that it is not a forum for sharing specific concerns about their own child or specific staff members. A child's teacher or building principal should be the first contact for such issues.

This news announcement was published Thursday, June 8, 2023.