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The town's Conservation Commission met at 7 p.m. Feb. 15,2024, via Zoom: one was able to register here>> the meeting's agenda can be viewed here >> As per the commission's agenda, there was expected to be discussion about the Inland Wetland District and the Water Bodies Working Group.There were three hearings planned, including a continued one regarding the construction of Thorndike Place, a multifamily development on Dorothy Road in a part of East Arlington also known as the Mugar property that has been the subject of continued controversy. A full list of hearings can be read below.



DEP #091-0357: Notice of Intent: 51 Burch Street (Continuation from Feb. 1)

DEP #091-0356: Notice of Intent: Thorndike Place (continued from Feb. 1) 

DEP #091-0278: Amendment to Order of Conditions: 88 Coolidge Rd (Continued from Dec. 21, 2023)

 Dec. 5, 2023: Conservation Commission selects peer reviewers for Thorndike Place housing development

This news announcement was published Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024, based on information from the town website.