school committee 120517

The Arlington School Committee met the evening of Thursday, March 21, 2024, in hybrid mode --  in-person plus remote participation. The in-person location was, as usual, the Arlington Public School District's office, 14 Mill Brook Drive, on the second floor.

As usual, this meeting was live-streamed online, broadcast on cable in real time and recorded for later posting online on YouTube by local cable nonprofit ACMi.

The committee reviewed Superintendent Elizabeth Homan's budget for fiscal year 2025 as well as other updates, which included information about grants, class sizes and administrative hiring searches. The agenda is here >>

Also included in this meeting were reports from subcommittees, including the budget subcomittee and the AHS Building Committee among others. 

School Committee is on cable  

This notice based on information from the town website and YourArlington's files was published Wednesday, March 21, 2024.