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UPDATED May 28: The 2024 annual Town Meeting, shown in Town of Arlington photo, began in person Wednesday, April 24, at Town Hall, and continued every Monday and Wednesday until May 20, when the last of 71 articles were debated and voted. Here are summaries:

Advance report >>
Session one >>
Session two >>
Session three >>  
Session four >>
Special Town Meeting >> 
Session five >>
Session six >>
Session seven >> 
Session eight >>

ACMi provides live coverage on the government channel (Comcast 22, RCN 614, Verizon 26) and streaming live at The cable-TV station also rebroadcasts sessions multiple times.

The warrant for the annual Town Meeting >> | The warrant for Special Town Meeting on May 8 >> | Town Meeting progress tracker

Annotated warrant is organized by article and displays the recommended vote, excerpts from the report, substitute motions and amendments, and any support material such as letters or presentation materials that have been submitted and approved.

Redevelopment Board member Steve Revilak provides meeting summaries: No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | N0. 4 | No. 5 | No. 6 | No. 7 | No. 8

Post Date: 05/17/2024

Article 66 speakers

Article 66 (Resolution: MBTA Service) will have a fixed lineup of speakers with no live speaker queue, as it is a resolution article. The speaker lineup is:

- Select Board Chair to introduce the recommended vote;

- Mr. Schlichtman (TMM), as the petitioner and proponent, will speak in support;

- Mr. Benson (TMM) will introduce the Benson Amendment; and

- Mr. Diggins (TMM) will speak in opposition to the resolution.

Updates to annotated warrant
Article 35
Finance Committee Second Supplemental Report – new vote language

Article 50
CPA Committee Presentation Slides updated (new pg 18)

Article 56
Memo from Town Manager Jim Feeney

May 14 update: Article 56

Letter, Chair of the Library Board of Trustees
Letter, Cemetery Commission

Article 66
Amendment by Eugene Benson, Precinct 10

Sequence of articles Monday; Articles 8-10; updates to articles 17, 31, 50, 64, 65; new reports added

Post Date: 05/10/2024 2:22 PM

Upcoming Article Sequence
On Monday, May 13, Town Meeting will be asked to start with Article 17 (Bylaw Amendment: Right To Pet Companionship) by removing that article from the table. Afterward, the meeting will be asked to remove Articles 8, 9, and 10 (articles related to Town Meeting start date and start/end times) from the table. After those three articles, the meeting will resume the natural sequence of articles at Article 31.

Articles 8,  9, and 10 recommended votes
On April 24, the Select Board reconsidered its recommendations for Articles 8, 9, and 10. The Select Board voted to update their recommendations to Town Meeting consistent with the recommendations of the Town Meeting Procedures Committee. (See the Town Meeting Procedures Committee Report for background.) The Select Board Chair will report on these updates at Town Meeting on Monday, May 13, prior to these articles being taken up later in the meeting. In short, the recommendation for Article 8 will be updated to "no action", the recommendation for Article 9 will be updated to amend the Town Bylaws by changing the 8 PM start time of the first night of Annual Town Meeting to 7:30 PM, and the recommended vote for Article 10 will remain the same as in the Select Board Report and the Annotated Warrant.

Updates to ATM Annotated Warrant
Article 17
Letter by Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21
Article 31
Amendment by John Leone, Precinct 8
(This is different than the Substitute Motion available on the handouts table)
Article 50
CPA Committee Presentation Slides
Article 64 and Article 65 have been updated to include the recommended votes from the Supplemental Finance Committee Report.

5/13 updates tp annotated warrant

New Reports Added
Finance Committee Supplemental Report
Permanent Town Building Committee Report
AHS Building Project Report
Zero Waste Arlington Report

New Report Added
Finance Committee Second Supplemental Report 

Reports to Town Meeting are linked in the Annotated Warrant if they apply to an article and posted under the Reports tab on the Town Meeting main page.

May 9 updates to annotated warrant

Article 17
2nd Letter, HCA Pet Policy, Laura Wiener, P8

Article 50
Presentation Slides, Xavid Pretzer, Precinct 17
Foot of the Rocks Master Plan, Al Tosti, Precinct 17

Announcements for the Special Town Meeting on Wednesday May 8, STM Articles 3 and 5, STM Reports Available

Safety, Security, and Expectations of Behavior
TMMs, please wear your buttons at Town Hall. If you cannot find your button, name tags will be available at checkin when picking up your electronic handset. This will ensure that TMMs are readily differentiated from non-members so that we can keep the Town Meeting enclosure limited to the individuals who are authorized to be there. The enclosure includes the Town Hall auditorium floor, the center balcony, and the satellite room in the Town Hall annex.

Members of the public observing from the gallery, which is limited to the wings of the balcony, must refrain from cheering, shouting, and display of signs, banners, or flags. There is zero tolerance at Town Meeting for interrupting the recognized speakers during the meeting or otherwise interfering with the proceedings. Individuals unable to comply will be asked to leave.

The Moderator is working with the Town Manager and the Police Chief to ensure safe entry and exit into and out of Town Hall, and to ensure everyone's safety within the building so that Town Meeting can conduct its business.

Voting under STM Article 5
After the speakers have introduced their motions (the McKinnon Main Motion, the Soneja Amendment, and the Mann et al. Substitute Motion of "no action"), voting will proceed as follows:

1. Vote on the Soneja Amendment. An affirmative vote amends the McKinnon Main Motion, producing the "Main Motion as amended". A negative vote leaves the McKinnon Main Motion intact.
2. Vote on the Mann et al. Substitute Motion of "no action". An affirmative vote replaces the Main Motion with a Main Motion of "no action". A negative vote leaves the Main Motion intact.
3. Vote on the Main Motion. Depending on the first two votes, this may be the McKinnon Main Motion, the Main Motion as amended, or a Main Motion of "no action". (Given a Main Motion of "no action", no action will be taken regardless of whether the vote on the Main Motion passes or fails. Town Meeting takes this vote anyway as a formality.)

Updates to STM Annotated Warrant
Article 3
Presentation Slides, ARB Chair Rachel Zsembery

Article 5
Letter by Nancy Bloom, Precinct 18
Letter by Jo Anne Preston, Precinct 5

New Reports for STM Added
Redevelopment Board Report
Select Board Report

May 6 article sequence
On Monday, May 6, Town Meeting will be asked to table several articles to skip ahead to Article 39 (Town Budgets) and Article 40 (Capital Budget). Afterward, the meeting will be asked to return to Article 29 to continue the natural sequence from there.
On Wednesday, May 8, the meeting will be asked to adjourn the Annual Town Meeting to open the Special Town Meeting. After the business of the Special Town Meeting has finished on Wednesday (either by adjourning, or disposing of all  5 articles to dissolve the STM), the meeting will resume the Annual Town Meeting at Article 22 (Home Rule Legislation: Lowering the Voting Age To 16 in Local Elections) which was previously postponed, then take Article 17 from the table (Bylaw Amendment: Right To Pet Companionship).
Also, Article 31 (Zoning Bylaw Amendment: Add 5-7 Winter Street To the MBTA Neighborhood District) has a logical dependency on Special Town Meeting Article 3, and therefore the meeting may be asked to postpone Article 31 until after the Special Town Meeting is dissolved and immediately before resuming the natural sequence of articles. 

Special Town Meeting Article 5
STM Article 5 is expected to be taken up on Wednesday, May 8. The speaker lineup will be:
• Sarah McKinnon (TMM P20) to introduce the resolution as the main motion.
• Rajeev Soneja (TMM P2) to introduce his amendment.
• Nora Mann (TMM P20), et al. to introduce a substitute motion of "no action".

The TMMs listed above may introduce guest speakers within their allotted speaking time. As previously announced, there will be no live speaker queue as this is a resolution article. After the above speakers, the meeting will proceed to vote on motions in this order:
• vote on the amendment (majority)
• vote on the substitute motion (majority)
• vote on the main motion (majority)

Note: A handful of other amendments were submitted for review but were later withdrawn after consideration of other motions being offered. Motions that missed the 3 PM deadline on Sunday were not considered.

Updates to STM Annotated Warrant
Article 5
Amendment by Rajeev Soneja, Precinct 2
Substitute Motion by Nora Mann, Precinct 20
Letter by Nora Mann, Precinct 20
Letter from Elizabeth Dray, Precinct 10
- Fleig Testimony
Letter by Adam Badik, Precinct 5
Letters from Sarah McKinnon, Precinct 20
- Salamoun Testimony
- Statement by Elizabeth Dray
- Letters to the Select Board
Letter by Rebecca Gruber, Precinct 10
Letter from Nancy Bloom, Precinct 18
- Statement by Rabbi Bukiet

Updates to ATM Annotated Warrant
Article 17
Amendment by Reiko Tanaka, Precinct 9

Article 50
Info Sheet from Al Tosti, Precinct 17

Moderator’s note on resolutions
Since the Select Board decided to not recommend a vote on STM Article 5, the opportunity for offering the main motion falls next to the will of the petitioner, who is working with a TMM who is providing the main motion under the article.

The purpose of resolutions is to give Town Meeting the opportunity to express its will on a subject in a nonbinding manner. The meeting would not be able to express its will with sufficient clarity if there’s ambiguity about opposition to a resolution on its merits versus opposition on the grounds that Town Meeting should not debate such matters. One speaker in opposition to the substance of the main motion will be chosen if there is such a speaker, i.e. a speaker opposed to the merits of the items resolved in the resolution. The remainder of speakers will be limited to those offering substantially different subsidiary motions in advance, e.g. motions offering alternate resolutions with substantially differing elements from the main motion, and motions that no action be taken, citing reasons for not taking action.

If there is more than one TMM interested in pursuing essentially similar actions under the resolution, those individuals will be put in touch with each other to confer on how to proceed.

Decisions on speakers and motions are at the moderator’s discretion.

Recent meeting member emails, updates

5/3 Article 33
Presentation Slides by Andy Greenspon, Precinct 5
Article 50
Amendment by Xavid Pretzer, Precinct 17

Added to STM Annotated Warrant
Article 5
Main Motion by Sarah McKinnon, Precinct 20
Letter from Arlington Human Rights Commission
Report from AHRC Listening Sessions
Letter from Beth Melofchik, Precinct 9
Letter from Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21
FAQ from Sarah McKinnon, Precinct 20
Video Testimony at Select Board - Chadi Salamoun, proponent
Video Testimony at Select Board - David Fleig, proponent

Special Town Meeting Article 5
With the main motion now posted for STM Article 5, the Moderator is accepting subsidiary motions (typically amendments and substitute motions) and speaking requests from Town Meeting Members wishing to speak (or invite guests to speak) in opposition to the main motion. Such requests will be accepted by the Moderator until 3 PM on Sunday, May 5, and the lineup of motions and speakers for this article will be announced to the TMM Email List on Monday, May 6. The Moderator may decide that an opposition speaker is unnecessary if a substitute motion serves the same purpose in terms of the viewpoint expressed. The Moderator will work with interested Town Meeting Members over the weekend to establish a lineup of speakers to ensure that sufficiently differing perspectives are reflected in the options presented to Town Meeting while avoiding unnecessary duplication. In accordance with previously established rules set forth by the Moderator, there is no live speaker queue for resolution articles such as this. Questions and requests can be directed to the Moderator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or 781-819-2781. 

 5/2 Updates to ATM Annotated Warrant
Article 17
Amendment by Susan Doctrow, Precinct 21

Article 29 
The combined presentation has been updated with a new slide 21 illustrating the change

Article 31
Presentation Slides submitted by John Leone

Article 35 
Presentation Slides submitted by John Leone

Reports Added
Corrections to Reports identifies errors in the Capital Planning Report (Article 40)
Reports to Town Meeting are linked for each Article in the Annotated Warrant and posted under the Reports tab on the Town Meeting main page.
4/30 Article 35
Report on ACMi budget submitted by John Leone, Precinct 8

4/29 Article 16
Presentation Slides submitted by Asia Kepka, Precinct 1

Article 17
Presentation Slides, Paul Schlichtman, Precinct 9

Article 21
Memo from Dana Mann, Director of Assessments

Presentation Slides for Zoning Articles 25 – 29 are combined in one document that will be linked in each Article.

Article 30
Amendment by Susan Stamps, Precinct 3
Presentation by Susan Stamps and Elisabeth Carr-Jones, Precinct 14

4/28 Article 14
Amendment by John Paul Lewicke, Precinct 2
Letter submitted by Robin Bergman, Precinct 12
Statement by Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21

Article 17
Letter submitted by Laura Wiener, Precinct 8

Article 28
Memo from Claire Ricker and David Morgan, DPCD

4/26 Article 16
Amendment by Mustafa Varoglu, Precinct 10

Article 17
REVISED Substitute Motion by Paul Schlichtman, Precinct 9

Article 20
Amendment by John Worden, Precinct 8

Article 45
Minuteman School FY25 Budget Presentation

Article 55
MPLCP Project Timeline
Letter from the Disability Commission

4/24 Articles 6, 15, and 28

4/22 Articles 6, 17, New Reports 

4/22 Articles 14, 17, April 23 Virtual Block Party

4/19 Articles 8, 9, 11, 14, 21; Four Announcements 

4/17 Articles 14 and 55, Artificial Turf Study Committee Report

4/16 Town Meeting Procedures Committee Meeting, Recording of New Member Orientation 

4/10 Reports, New Member Orientation, Consent Agenda

3/28 Running a Precinct Meeting, Town Meeting Procedures Committee Meeting

3/21 Report from January CEG Forums: Strengthening Town Meeting Member Precinct Outreach

Older messages are available on the Members' Email List page, and residents may subscribe to that list to receive updates about Town Meeting and information about material added to the annotated warrant. 

Reports to Town Meeting
Moderator's cover letter regarding the reports and how to prepare for Town Meeting.

Consent agenda

Select Board

Finance Committee

Redevelopment Board

Capital Planning Committee

Town Meeting Procedures Committee (for Articles 8 and 9)

CDBG (for Article 23)

Updated FY24 Pay and Classification Report (for Article 37)

Community Preservation Act Committee  (for Article 50)

Artificial Turf Study Committee 

Civilian Policy Advisory Commission

Cuidad de Arling

Hybrid Town Meeting Study Committee

Arlington Public Schools FY25 Budget Report
Supplemental Report of the ARB (related to Article 28)

Town Meeting guidelines, forms

The moderator has created a set of guidelines to assist Town Meeting Members and the public by explaining how to submit documents and what the deadlines are. The goal of the guidelines is to ensure that the meeting has time to review information prior to debating an article.

Town Meeting guidelines

Template for amending an article

Template for a substitute motion

Voting information for previous Town Meetings is available on separate pages by year.

Special Town Meeting broadcast, streaming from ACMi: Find recordings on its YouTube channel.  

This news listing was published Thursday, April 25, 2024, based on information from the Town of Arlington website and other public sources, as well as previous YourArlington published stories. It was updated May 28.