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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (“Blue Cross”) and the City of Boston provided $20 Bluebikes credits per person through March 8, wherever Bluebikes are available for rental, including in Arlington. 

The credits are intended to alleviate the impact of transportation disruptions and specifically to provide accessible alternatives for individuals affected by closures of the Green Line of the MBTA, a news release said.

The $20 Bluebikes credits, redeemable for both traditional pedal bikes and the innovative ebikes recently introduced by the public bike share program, are available for use only during the closure and while supplies last.

Riders can access the $20 credit using code MBTA2024 through the Bluebikes app; these credits are available to all, regardless of residency, and bikes can be borrowed from any of the nearly 500 Bluebikes stations across Greater Boston.

Blue Cross is the title sponsor of Bluebikes, a publicly owned bikeshare system owned by the participating municipalities and operated by Lyft. Arlington is one of many municipalities in Greater Boston to have Bluebikes available.

Dec. 22, 2023: Bluebikes include electric; e-bikes available locally 

This news announcement was published Friday, March 1, 2024, based on information from a news release by Aidan MacAdam, who provides information about Bluebikes from the public-relations firm Elevate. YourArlington volunteer Kim Haase prepared it for publication.