YourArlington held a news quiz on Town Day, and 60 people responded. Thanks to all.Town Day logo

The names of five residents were drawn, and each receives a $20 gift certificate to Home Taste, the new Chinese restaurant in the Heights.

The test was labeled: "TRUE (not fake) NEWS QUIZ. Do you know about your town? hopes so …." It noted that to win, responses to five local-news question had to be correct. This requirement tested many.

The publisher and his wife had to randomly draw 19 names before finding five with correct answers.

The last question was a bit tricky, but not if you read carefully.

Here are the questions with the right responses:

1.) What does the image at left show?

a.) A “genius” Arlington youngster’s LEGO creation

b.) Plan for the Robbins Library addition

c.) Site plan to date of a rebuilt Arlington High

Answer: c.

2.) Has the town's first recreational-marijuana shop opened?

a.) Yes

b.) No

c.) Far out, dude!

Answer: b.

3.) Name the chair of the Arlington Select Board?

a.) Adam Chapdelaine

b.) Maria Krepelka

c.) Dan Dunn

d.) Gloria Steinem

Answer: c.

4.) Is it legal to park on the street overnight in town?

a.) Yes

b.) No

c.) Only on Halloween

Answer: b. [Yes, the question should have made clear the legality applies to public streets.]

5.) David Lamson Way, near Not Your Average Joe’s, is named after the man who allegedly said this word on April 19, 1775.  The word was? 

a.) “Retreat!”

b.) “March on!”

c. “Fire!”

Answer: c. ["this word" narrows your choices to two.]

How to do better in a future quiz? Read more local news from the best sources.

2018 TOWN DAY: The view from above ...

This promotional announcement was published Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018.