New drop-off-only spot is in front of Play Time

MBTA bus image

Starting on Dec. 16, the MBTA will move the Route 87 layover from Broadway Plaza to 283 Broadway in front of Play Time.

A layover occurs at the end of the route when the bus waits to begin its next route. Relocating the Route 87 layover has been studied by the Arlington Parking Advisory Committee and the MBTA for many years in the light of operational and maneuverability issues at Broadway Plaza during the layover. The Select Board approved the relocation last Sept. 9.

The existing layover at Broadway Plaza has inadequate length, and it is difficult for bus drivers to get the bus aligned with the curb.

As a result, the bus encroaches into the travel lane and blocks access to three parking spaces, including a handicapped space, during the layover.

Additionally, traffic coming from Broadway exiting to Mass. Ave. often has difficulty maneuvering around the parked bus.

Finally, the bus stop itself is inaccessible because of several obstructions directly in the bus-stop footprint, including a granite wall, a tree with a granite tree collar and the sign post for the bus stop itself.


During summer and winter months, the bus usually idles so that the driver and any passengers on board during the layover can avail themselves to heat or air-conditioning depending on the weather. The idling is a disturbance to passersby and patrons of the food establishments with outdoor seating on Broadway Plaza.

Moving the layover to 283 Broadway will affect two unmetered parking spaces, the smallest number of spaces impacted out of all possible options reviewed by the Town and the MBTA.

The relocation affects three businesses, one of which has a private parking lot. The new layover location is about 500 feet from Broadway Plaza. Sidewalks in Arlington Center are slated for repair in the spring of 2020, which will make the walk safer and more accessible for pedestrians than it is today, a Dec. 2 town news release says.

The layover at 283 Broadway will be a drop-off-only stop. The stop at Broadway Plaza will continue to operate as an on-boarding only bus stop, with no layover occurring there. This will allow the bus to keep the same route. The accessibility issues at the Broadway Plaza stop will also be addressed by the sidewalk work planned for Arlington Center, which will include removal of the obstructions at this stop.

The MBTA has already deployed signs to alert passengers of the layover relocation.

\For more information, please contact Daniel Amstutz, Senior Transportation Planner, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 781-316-3093.

 This news announcement was published Monday, Dec. 2, 2019.