Project aims to improve safety for all modes of travel

Concept of Lake/bikeway intersection. / Green International Affiliates2017 concept of Lake/bikeway intersection. / Green International Affiliates

The town, through its contractors, plan to begin installing a traffic signal and making multiple improvements to the intersection at Lake Street and the Minuteman Bikeway beginning the week of June 29.

The traffic signal at Brooks Avenue will also be updated. Work depends on the weather and is expected to continue until the end of August.

Arlington police will provide traffic details to coordinate vehicle and bike path use.

The goal is to maintain access throughout the project, though temporary detours may be required. The public is urged to follow appropriate signs.

The Lake Street/Bikeway Intersection Design Review Committee oversaw the project, which included input from the public. For additional project information, see the committee website >> 

In 2018, the town missed out on $400,000 to help pay for a coordinated light on Lake Street at the Minuteman Bikeway.

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This news announcement was published Saturday, June 27, 2020.