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UPDATED June 21: The MBTA is revising its regional bus network with what it calls "bold improvements" aimed to change service based on the postpandemic demands on the system. A public meeting to discuss the plan was held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 22. Register here >>

New and revised bus routes aim to meet the shifting commuter demand and make for a more efficient system. In Arlington, this primarily means changes to the routes No. 67, 79 and 87, as well as new service along Broadway via the No. 90 bus.

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Changes are proposed for several bus routes in Arlington. These changes include:

  • A new Route 87 (currently Arlington Center to Lechmere Station) will replace and be combined with Route 67 (Turkey Hill to Alewife Station). The new Route 87 will travel from Turkey Hill to Davis Square via Arlington Center and Broadway, through Medford to Sullivan Square.
  • A newly created Route 54 will travel from Arlington Center along Pleasant Street through Belmont to Waverly Station, Waltham, and Riverside in Newton.
  • A new Route 90 will travel from Arlington Center down Broadway to Davis Square, into East Somerville, Everett Square, and Chelsea Station.
  • Route 95 will extend to Arlington consistently instead of alternating trips to Playstead Road in Medford; it will also extend past Medford Square to the Wellington Orange Line station.
  • Route 77 will stay become Route T77 with service 15 minutes or better throughout the week, including more frequent service on Sundays.
  • Route 80 will be removed as parts of it will be served by Routes 95, 94, and the Green Line Extension in Medford/Somerville.

These changes were first reported May 17 by Adam Auster, in "Word on the Street," his long-running transportation blog. 

Under the headline "Arlington largely cut off from Alewife T under MBTA proposal," he writes: "The 350 bus, running once per hour from Alewife to Burlington via Arlington Center, and the 62, would be the only connections to Alewife from Arlington if a new bus plan for the T goes into effect.

"The plan, part of a system-wide revamp of bus networks, also includes some new routes through Town, such as a bus from Arlington Center to Newton that runs though Belmont and Waltham.

"The agency is accepting comments on the plan though at least late July."

May 17, 2022: T plan sharply cuts town's transit-route options

This news announcedment was published Monday, June 20, 2022, and updated June 21, to add feedback link and effects on Arlington.