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UPDATED June 8: Old Schwamb Mill has opened its newest exhibition. The opening reception for "Dream Dimensions" features the work of artists Jess Lawrence, Leroy Powell and John Geannaris and took place June 8, 2024. These works are expected to be displayed through Aug. 24 at the mill, 17 Mill Lane, in the Arlington Heights neighborhood.


 Jess Lawrence uses unnatural color and abstract line and shape work to creates narratives. She draws inspiration from the natural and the man-made, giving an extra dimension of personality to microbials, plants, animals and the rhythms of cities, interpreting their individual characters.

Leroy Powell is a Boston-based mixed media artist, working in acrylic and cut paper collage. His work is colorful and illustrative, dealing with themes of nostalgia and story-telling. His portraits are of people he knows; his
landscapes are of worlds he imagines. Embedded within each piece is a network of symbols and characters, specific to the artist’s own personal mythology. 

John Geannaris is an artist, wood worker, engineer, mechanic and designer. His multimedia abstract paintings exhibit an industrial edge, which is exemplified through his use of color texture and material. 

This ongoing news announcement from museum official Lynette Aznavourian, prepared for publication by Brynn O'Connor, assistant to the editor, was updated most recently June 8, 2024.