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ACMi News, Arlington's local broadcast channel available on Comcast, RCN and Verizon and also viewable via YouTube, won three awards from the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region (ACM-NE). ACMi was recognized for a newscast and for two documentaries. 

ACMi achieved First Place for its interview with Clint Hill, a Secret Service agent who was the quickest to react after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination in 1963. It garnered a Third Place award for the channel's story of Darryl Hill, often considered the “Jackie Robinson of college sports.” AWARD PICLeft: Jared Sweet, ACMi's chief editor. Right: Jeffrey Barnd, ACMi news director.

Additionally, the channel earned Second Place in the category of Outstanding Newscast. The award-winning newscast of Nov. 11, 2022, featured coverage of the aftermath of the midterm elections, an update on Arlington’s Old Burying Ground and two reports by ACMi News Director Jeff Barnd.

“None of this happens without the dynamic staff at ACMi,” News Director Jeff Barnd was quoted as saying in the release.

“Our staff, news interns, former interns, volunteers and ACMi members also contribute to air compelling stories each and every week -- stories that matter to Arlington residents,” Barnd continued. “We look forward to raising the bar even further at ACMi News in 2024!”

ACMi is a longtime media partner with YourArlington. Both are 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations that accept tax-deductible donations from individuals, couples, families, businesses and organizations.

Story on Darryl Hill: 


Story on Clint Hill:

Nov. 11, 2022 broadcast:

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This news announcement was published Friday, Jan. 26, 2024, based on information from Jeff Barnd, ACMi's news director.